Jazzzeit (Austria), April 2008
5 stars - excellent

Stereo, 05/2008
One of the most remarkable albums of the last months. Radio Jazz is one hour of disport. It´s a pleasure to listen to this album over and over again. Full of little details that add up to something great. It fits almost every occasion and has the potential for becoming one´s favourite album

Audio 04/2008
The 12 songs are catchy, elaborate, melodic and rhytmically interesting. The transparent combination with acoustic guitar, bass and percussion instead of drums, the very round and well-mixed sound make this CD a treat for hifi lovers.

Jazzpodium, April 2008
Extraordinary beautiful music that makes you relax without being boring. Schönborn plays calm and at the same time full of energy.

Concerto (Austria), 2/2008
Music as you would like to hear it on the radio. It swings, it grooves, it sways - the knees start to move with this music. Saxophonist Schönborn´s first CD as a leader does not sound like a debut but it´s a masterpiece. Exciting and fresh sounding. cd of the month
Saxophone player Olaf Schönborn creates with "Radio Jazz" a relaxed athmosphere yet keeping the tension. It´s easy to listen to and a lot of fun.

Groove FM: cd of the month
This ist he perfect CD for our radio station! Schönborn shows with this album that jazz is far more than just intellectual music. It´s jazz but it´s catchy and groovy. And to our listeners we suggest: buy this record, since you will not be able to find better radio jazz elsewhere.
Finally jazz from Germany that touches the soul and heart - and makes you move!